Is Pegboard Practical? We will share the quality, advantages and disadvantages, and layout inspiration of holey board at one time!


Pegboard is now one of the hot elements of interior design, this article will introduce you to common material, may encounter defects, and share the pegboard layout cases for your reference, the end of the article will also be attached to the pegboard where to buy practical information.

Table of Contents

I. What is a pegboard? Let's get to know the savior of storage: the pegboard!

With the advent of the small house era, home storage has become a problem for many people. In the face of piles of clutter at home, most people think the first solution may be to buy storage cabinets, but the appearance of storage cabinets may not be beautiful enough, and also take up space, but make the home space look more crowded, clutter. If you have the above problems, don't worry! In fact, there is a new method that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing: pegboard storage.

Pegboard is a brand name, which is a board full of holes, holes can then be inserted into the wooden pegs, pegboard laminate and other accessories to place different items, and as long as there is a wall can be used to use the pegboard, allowing you to magnify the value of utilization of fragmented space; at the same time do not have to want to install shelves, hooks on the wall to keep drilling holes, hole wall allows you to place as you wish, and can be adjusted at any time according to personal needs! Adjustment, the original storage can also be so time-saving, labor-saving!

In fact, the concept of pegboard walls originated in the United States during the industrial era, at first it was used to place tools in the workshop, garage tools; in modern times, pegboard storage began to be popular in interior design, whether it is a bedroom, living room, kitchen and other spaces through the pegboard to achieve practical and aesthetic smart storage, allowing you to easily create a unique style of personal space.

II. How to choose the quality of pegboard, 3 kinds of pegboard material introduction

There are 3 common materials for pegboard: wood, metal and plastic, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages, so how do I choose the right material for my pegboard? The following is to recognize the difference between the 3 kinds of pegboards, to help you make a better choice!

A. Wooden Pegboard

Wooden pegboards are mainly constructed with wood, and common woods include pine, forged, and lauan. The most important feature of wooden pegboard is their warm and natural color and appearance, which is especially suitable for those who love minimalist style and natural elements. Compared with other materials, wooden pegboard is relatively lightweight and easy to install; however, the disadvantage of wooden pegboard is less durable, easy to be damaged, deformed, so it is not suitable for placing heavy items, it is recommended that you can use it to place books, decorations and other lightweight items.

B. Metal Pegboard

Metal pegboard is mainly made of aluminum, stainless steel and other iron parts, so it has the characteristics of strong and durable, not easy to moisture, in addition, metal pegboard's load-bearing capacity is also very sufficient, suitable for placing heavier items. Metal pegboard is often used in industrial style space, presenting a straightforward style, suitable for those who love modern style. However, compared to other materials, metal pegboard may be heavier and harder to install, which makes it more laborious to decorate.

C. Plastic Pegboard

Plastic pegboards are often made of acrylic, ABS plastic, etc., and have the advantage of being lightweight and easy to clean. They are suitable for use in a variety of environments, even wet or moisture-prone bathrooms, balconies, or outdoor spaces, as they are not susceptible to damage or rust. In terms of price, plastic cavern boards are also a more affordable option, so if you're looking for a storage solution with a good value, then plastic pegboards are the way to go.

Wooden Pegboard

Metal Pegboard

Plastic Pegboard


Natural, warm and rustic

Modern, industrial style

Simple and versatile


Low, easily damaged or deformed

High, sturdy and durable

Medium, moisture resistant and not easily damaged

Weight capacity

Limited, not suitable for heavy items

High, suitable for heavy items

Limited, not suitable for heavy items

Installation & Transportation

Lightweight, easy to install and transport

Heavier and more difficult to install

Lightweight, easy to install and transport

Ease of cleaning









Light Storage

Heavy Duty Storage, Industrial Style Home

Light Storage

III. Pegboard has many shortcomings? Pegboard acceptance advantages and disadvantages inventory!

A. Pegboard Defects

Seeing the beautiful decorative pictures on the internet, have you been tempted by the pegboards? However, before installing the pegboard, let's understand the defects of the pegboard, so as to avoid the situation that is not as expected after the installation.

  • Troublesome to clean: The holey design of pegboard walls tends to accumulate dust and dirt, making pegboard cleaning more time-consuming and labor-intensive.

  • Limited load-bearing capacity: The load-bearing capacity of pegboards mainly relies on the support of plywood and stakes, therefore, pegboards are usually more suitable for decorative and lightweight applications, but not suitable for bearing heavy loads.

  • Unsuitable for specific environments: Wooden and metal pegboards will absorb moisture in the air if they are in a humid environment, leading to discoloration, mildew, rust, etc. If you want to avoid pegboards from being affected by moisture and deterioration, it is recommended that you choose plastics or other specially coated materials.

  • Visual confusion: If the decorations or items placed on the pegboard lack uniformity, such as color, size, style is not coordinated, it is easy to look chaotic.

B. Pegboard Advantages

Although pegboards may have some potential drawbacks, in fact, as long as we use them in the right place, pegboards are still more advantages than disadvantages of storage solutions, let's take a look at the following let's take a look at what benefits pegboards can bring to us.

  • Versatility: Pegboards are designed to be flexible and adaptable to a variety of situations. You can use them to decorate interior walls or use them as practical display shelves.

  • Maximize space: Using pegboards can effectively utilize vertical space, allowing you to maximize the amount of storage space available, which is especially useful for people with small spaces or high storage needs.

  • Simple installation: No professional tools and skills are required to install the pegboard, you can easily complete the DIY transformation of the hole board at home.

  • Freedom of combination: The special design of the pegboard allows users to combine and change freely, you can arrange the position of the stakes and laminates according to your own preferences and needs, and you can adjust them anytime and anywhere.

IV. Pegboard shelf, pegboard layer board how to layout, 6 common pegboard layout case sharing

Have you become more interested in pegboard? Below we will share 6 common examples of pegboard application, no matter which space you want to use pegboard in your home, maybe you can find more inspiration from the following examples.

A. Desk Pegboard

When setting up a desk or office pegboard, you can make good use of various hooks, pen holders, and small containers, allowing you to easily access the stationery you need at any time. You can also hang calendars and to-do lists on the pegboard, allowing you to check your progress at a glance, keeping the desktop uncluttered. Beyond its practicality, you can also hang photos, posters, or even use green plants to beautify the environment on the pegboard, helping you create a personal space just for you.

B. Kitchen Pegboard

Considering the flow of movement, kitchens usually aren't suitable for placing large storage cabinets. Therefore, pegboards are perfect for walls near the kitchen sink. For example, you can use pegboards to hang various kitchen tools and knives, addressing the lack of storage space in kitchen cabinets while also allowing kitchen tools to air dry. You can also mount pegboard shelves to store spices, cups, teapots, etc., making cooking more convenient and efficient.

C. Living Room Pegboard

Living room pegboards can be used to store books, magazines, newspapers, creating a convenient reading area. You can also place audio equipment, CDs, and remotes on the pegboard, allowing for easy access to entertainment. Additionally, pegboard shelves in the living room can be used to display indoor plants, saving floor space and bringing a touch of greenery to your living area.

D. Bathroom Pegboard

Pegboards in the bathroom can make a small space appear tidier. For instance, you can mount pegboard shelves to organize items like toothbrush cups, body wash, and shampoo, keeping counters neat. Towels can also be hung on the pegboard, ensuring they remain ventilated and mold-free. If space is limited, you can install the pegboard on the back of the bathroom door to make the most of available space.

E. Entryway Pegboard

Entryway pegboards can hold small items, such as keys or charging cables needed when going out. They can also be used to hang hats, jackets, and backpacks, ensuring that you don't forget anything before heading out and that every item is within easy reach.

F. Bedroom Pegboard

Installing a pegboard in the bedroom can help hang clothes, ties, necklaces, hats, and other accessories, saving wardrobe space. Putting frequently used items on the pegboard not only makes them easily accessible but also reduces the chances of misplacing them. Furthermore, you can mount lights on the pegboard, improving bedroom lighting while also saving bedside table space, allowing you to create a cozy bedroom environment.

V. Where to Buy Pegboards? Recommended Pegboard Brand: DEZCTOP

Wondering where to buy pegboards? Or where to get pegboard accessories? Here we introduce the recommended pegboard brand: DEZCTOP.

The mission of DEZCTOP is to enable every user to create a unique desktop space based on their own needs. Our vision is to allow every user to design a desk that meets their preference through the D-Board and its modular accessories. Whether you're a live streamer, a gaming enthusiast, a photography buff, or a remote worker, DEZCTOP's products can enhance your work environment, allowing you to effortlessly design a space that reflects your personal style!

DEZCTOP's Bifrost series table uniquely features the D-Board, constructed with a reinforced plastic backing and flat steel tube support. They also offer a wall-mounted version of the D-Board pegboard. You can arrange it freely based on your needs. The plug-and-play installation design makes configuration changes simpler and more convenient, fulfilling your desires for display, storage, and decoration all at once.

Additionally, the surface of the D-Board pegboard undergoes special treatment, reducing the risk of scratches and ensuring it remains fade-resistant. It also meets environmental standards and is highly durable. Choosing D-Board not only gives a three-dimensional look to your desktop space but also provides additional vertical space, addressing storage challenges in small areas, further enhancing work and entertainment efficiency!

If you'd like to know more about the DEZCTOP D-Board, please click on the following link to experience the innovative design that DEZCTOP offers!