Bifrost Series

Discover the Multifunctional Bifrost and Bifrost Elite Electric Height-Adjustable Desks - a blend of high-quality craftsmanship, innovative cable management trough design, and environmentally friendly low-formaldehyde materials. Whether for work or play, these desks cater to your personalized needs, creating an ideal personal space for you.

Designed for Gamers and Multitaskers

The Bifrost series is designed with the desk space requirements of desktop computers and dual 27-inch monitors or an ultra-wide monitor in mind. With a maximum width of 160 cm and depth of 70 cm, the desk not only accommodates two monitors but also has space for a computer tower, ensuring an optimal viewing distance for large screens.

Easily Create Your Personal Work and Entertainment Space

The Bifrost series features the exclusive D-Board back panel, which, when used with D-Board accessories, allows for easy organization of work supplies and collectibles. With everything within reach and easily hangable, you can effortlessly create a personalized computer environment tailored to your needs.

The Best Way to Manage Cables is Not Having to Manage Them at All

In the Bifrost series, non-woven fabric material is used for the cable management trough, which hangs beneath the cable frame. With a maximum depth of 13.3 cm, the overall capacity is approximately 19 liters for the 160 cm version (and 12.5 liters for the 120 cm version), perfectly accommodating all kinds of cables.

Designed for Diverse Spaces

The Bifrost is more than just a computer desk; it's an extension of your personal space. We understand that everyone's room ambiance is unique, which is why Bifrost offers four meticulously selected color options. Whether you prefer understated grayscale tones, warm wooden textures, or a modern, high-tech look, we have options to suit your style.

Perfectly Integrates with Monitor Stand Functionality

The Bifrost series features a special cable management trough design that perfectly complements the D-Board monitor stand. It's also compatible with standard market clamp-on monitor stands, effectively increasing desk space while neatly organizing cables.

Certified by American Office Furniture Standards

The Bifrost series has passed the American ANSI/BIFMA X5.5 office furniture quality testing certification and meets California's formaldehyde emission standards (TSCA Title VI Compliant). It complies with standards for product size, safety, durability, stability, structural strength, and packaging drop test standards.

From manufacturing to delivery, DEZCTOP is dedicated to quality control, ensuring that you receive the best consumer and user experience.