Your desk, Your way.

  We set out on a mission to provide an expressive, efficient work environment. And this inspires us to come up with innovative designs around desktop. Dedicated to these creations, we aim to deliver a unique experience where you can have your desk, your way.

What sets Bifrost apart from other products?

  Beyond all the fundamentals with a good table, when coupled with various accessories, our Bifrost desks reserve more space for your imagination.

  The scientifically-designed desks are structurally stable and durable. Along with the D-Board, multiple accessories can be added to fit your needs and build your one-and-only workspace.

What is DEZCTOP’s vision?

  Our brand vision is to enable everyone to design a satisfactory table and to have diverse experiences with the D-Board accessories. Whether you are a live-streamer, gamer, photographer, remote worker, or all of the above, our products will transform your work environment into a more enjoyable place.

  With the DEZCTOP desk you build your desk your way.