Your desk, Your way.

Our mission is to provide an expressive and convenient workspace using unique leading-edge solutions. This drives our passion and inspires us toward new innovative designs. Guided by the dedication and devotion to our craft, we aim to deliver an experience where you can have your desk, your way.

What sets Bifrost apart from other products?

The first product line of our design is the Bifrost series. They provide advantages in convenience, organization and enhanced personal expression in your environment. Beyond just the traditional workspace solutions, the Bifrost series can extend its capabilities even further with the D-Board system. In addition, we are strongly committed to the belief that these products will challenge the way you view your traditional workspace.

What is DEZCTOP’s future vision?

Going forward, our vision is to continue creating and innovating workspace solutions. We believe with today’s fast paced work environments, motivation and morale can be sustained through one’s own personal creative domain. We, at DEZCTOP, truly support the curiosity and imagination of the mind and hope to spark the creative flames in our consumers with more options for their workspace.

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