Headset Holder

  Keep your headphones out of sight but within your hand’s reach, or use the Headset Holder to prevent cord clutter and keep them off the floor. DEZCTOP’s Headset Holder is a must-have addition for your desk setup.


A Headset Holder You Can Trust

  Made of 1.0 mm high-strength steel, the curved bracket hold ample space for your Headset. The rubber pad guarantees minimal friction between your gear and the Holder.

The Sound of your Game within Reach

  Designed to hold under the desk but near the edge, just the right spot to reach for your Headset when you are ready to game on. – “Life is a game. Play it!”

Effortless Installation

Compatible with various desktops, installation is effortless with the inclusive self-tapping screws or double-sided tape. Our game desk series, Bifrost DB160/D160, has dedicated mounting ports on the side. – “Life is a great, sweet song, so start the music.”

Dandy Way to Hold and Access Your Headsets

  The Headset Holder is designed to stand underneath but close to the edge of the desktop. Tuck away but within hands reach.