D-Board Holder for Nintendo Switch

  Effortlessly accommodate your Nintendo Switch securely on the D-Board with this wall mounting bracket.


Uncomplicated but Practical

  The Holder dock is supported with a PVC sheet underneath to prevent scratches on the gadget. To secure your Switch, slide in your Console, and you’re all set. The Holder looks sleek coated in black color.

The ideal addition for your Switch

  The Nintendo Switch Holder has a one-sided opening but effortlessly slides your game console in and out of the dock. The USB port side will not be blocked when in use.

Compatible with D-Board System and to Match the Dock

  D-Board Holder for Nintendo Switch is part of the D-Board accessories. Mounting the Switch on the D-Board will unclutter and free more surface space. The Holder matches the Switch black color making them one perfect pair.

Uncomplicated, Easy On or Off

  The D-Board Holder for Nintendo Switch comes with quick-mount fasteners, and it attaches to the D-Board within seconds. – “Work hard, play hard.”