D-Board Monitor Mount

  Just like owning an extra monitor can enhance productivity, so can setting those monitors out of your path. Holding up to 32-inch monitors, our VESA-compatible D-Board Monitor Mount tilts, swivels, and pivots to get your displays in the optimal position for superior in-game performance and comfort. No clearance behind the desk to rotate and swing a monitor arm? Reluctant to drill into the wall? You can easily attach our Monitor Mount to the Bifrost desk and hoist your display in seconds! Getting a hassle-free PC setup shouldn’t be an issue anymore.


Elevate Your Monitors

  Whether you have one or more monitors, you can reclaim your gaming surface. Widescreen monitors often come with vast stands and take up useful desk surfaces. With our Monitor Mount, you will be able to elevate your displays entirely off the desktop without containing your desk against a wall. You will gain more maneuvering room for the mouse and keyboard and added space to place your game gear essentials within reach.

Easy Spin System for 90° Rotation

Portrait mode makes coding much more effortless.

15° Tilt

Fine-tune the tilt to meet your comfort zone.

20° Swivel

Accommodate the dual monitors according to your preference.

Position At Your Preference

The D-Board can be used to mount monitors to suit your needs.

Deeper Workspace

On average, you gain 10cm of extra viewing distance.

Made in Taiwan

We use hinges proudly Made In Taiwan, which have passed rigorous durability and strength testing.

Optimal Posture and Comfort

  Our Monitor Mount provides optimal positioning for superior in-game performance and comfort by offering a 20° swivel (left and right), 15° tilt (downward), and 90° counterclockwise-pivot. Freely switch between portrait and landscape modes to change up your workflow. Due to the Mount’s ease of adjustment, you can position your monitors at the perfect height for maximum comfort.

Improved Eye Comfort and Focus

  Improve eye comfort and focus with the D-Board Monitor Mount, effortlessly lift and reposition your displays to your desired placement for a better viewing experience and comfort for long hours of play. Less strain, more focus. Game on!

Deeper Workstation Surface

  The full-screen mode makes everything more immersive and intense, but it could sometimes be so overwhelming that you unconsciously force back your chair. Why not mount it and extend the viewing distance? A 27″ screen will retreat 3.9 inches when mounted on the D-Board, offering you a more extensive gaming surface and a comfortable viewing experience.

Uncomplicated, Easy On or Off

  No drilling or wall studs are required; hang up the Mount onto your D-Board using the quick-mount hooks, which move inward or outward, depending on your computer setup. You can opt to position the Mount on a single board or center it, overpassing two boards.


MIT Sturdiness Built to Last

  Quality matters. We proudly designed and manufactured our monitor mount in Taiwan to ensure the mounted monitor doesn’t wobble or tumble off. The mounting unit is constructed of high-strength steel, and we tested its durability in a lab so you can expect lasting adjustability for more than 5,000 consecutive cycles.

Beyond Useful Low-profile Innovation

  The D-Board Monitor Mount is slim and compact, so much so that it is virtually invisible once installed behind a screen. An integrated Velcro strap will organize and bundle all loose cables, which you can guide through the sleek cable pockets to unclutter your gaming area.