D-Board Container

  Compatible with the D-Board system, this enduring and sleek Container can hold stationeries tools or add a bit of sunshine in your space with a green potted plant.


Durable and Visually Pleasing

  The Container is made of ABS plastic and attached with steel fasteners through multi-step process injection molding or “over-molding.”, no screws, making the Container even more durable.

Unclutter and Organize

  Small items here and there on your desk can be irritating and take up usable space. Unclutter and organize by storing them in this 0.7-liter plastic Container.

Uncomplicated, Easy On or Off

The D-Board Container comes with quick-mount fasteners and attaches to the D-Board within seconds. – “It’s all about finding the calm in the chaos.”

Add a Touch of Sunshine

  Made of ABS plastic, the Container accommodates a 3.5-inch potted plant. Be unafraid to water your green directly as it is easy to clean and will contain minor water flow.