Cup Holder

  No more spilled beverage on your desktop. With this foldable, high-strength, durable bracket, place your drink away from your gaming space but within reach on the edge of the desktop board.


Yes, it Fits

  The Holder holds up to 720 ml or 24 oz, or containers of <80 mm in diameter. Maximum weight limit of 800g or about a double-walled mug filled with liquid. -“Life is a sport. Drink it up!”

A Stealth Cup Holder

  With the foldable design, tuck it away and out of your sight. Neat!

Effortless Installation

Compatible with various desktops, installation is effortless with the inclusive self-tapping screws or double-sided tape. Our game desk series, Bifrost DB160/D160, has dedicated mounting ports on the side. – “I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.”

Good Bye Annoying Droplets

  With the integrated diatomaceous earth pad, moisture or droplets from any cold beverage will be fast absorbed. No more puddles!

Compatible with different size