Accessories Bundle


D-Board Monitor Mount

  Just like having an extra monitor can enhance productivity, so can placing those monitors out of your way. Holding up to 32-inch monitors, our VESA-compatible D-Board Monitor Mount tilts, swivels, and pivots to get your displays positioned just right for work and play. Unwilling to drill into walls or not having enough behind desk clearance for a monitor arm to swing and rotate? Alternatively, attach this Mount to the Bifrost desk in seconds and hoist up your display. If you ever wish you had a hassle-free PC setup, look no further.

D-Board Container

  Compatible with the D-Board system, this durable Container can carry stationery and tools or green up your workspace with a potted plant.

D-Board Hooks

  Compatible with the D-Board system, these hooks make storage display even easier. Each pack contains 5 wide-gaping hooks.

Headset Holder

  Keep your headphones out of sight, easy to reach, and prevent cord clutter. DEZCTOP’s Headset Holder is a must-have for your desk setup.

Cup Holder

  No more spilled liquid on your desktop. Store away your beverage on the edge of the table board with this foldable, high-strength bracket.